It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and to bring about awareness, St George’s are profiling just a few of the many incredible members of staff that are involved in paediatric cancer journeys.

Meet Kate Griffiths, Highly Specialist Acute Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Diana Doherty, Major Trauma Occupational Therapist, who share their insight into the important role Occupational Therapists play in children’s cancer journeys.

Tell us about your team and what you do to help children with cancer?

The service started off with just one Occupational Therapist. There are now three of us and we are excited at how having a larger team brings to the prospects developing the service.

Occupational Therapists have a fundamental role within this patient group in helping children maintain their quality of life. We provide equipment and fatigue management strategies to help them maintain their level of independence throughout treatment.

We encourage activity through play to help them stay strong and we make onward referrals to ensure that support is in place when the child is discharged home or to their POSCU for further treatment.

Why is children’s cancer awareness month important to you and your team?

Children are so resilient, but they need our continued support to help them regain the skills that they have lost through cancer/treatment and to help them return to their meaningful occupations.

What do you enjoy most about working within our children’s cancer team?

Taking a holistic approach to the child’s care and working as one.