We are demolishing some disused buildings on our St George’s Hospital site – and constructing a new modular building.

In line with our five-year strategy to deliver outstanding care, every time, we are undertaking some important works on our Tooting site.

We are making every effort to ensure the disruption to local residents is kept to an absolute minimum – and we would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience and co-operation.

Preparation has already begun on the south-side of the St George’s Hospital site, which involves the demolition of the following buildings, which have been unoccupied for a number of years:

  • Knightsbridge Wing
  • Clare House
  • Bronte House

We are also removing Blackshaw Annexe – an existing single-storey modular building on the perimeter road of the hospital – with a new three three-storey modular building at the same location.

Demolitions – what this involves

Some early enabling works have already begun – in particular close to Knightsbridge Wing – and we anticipate the demolition of Knightsbridge Wing, Clare House and Bronte House on the hospital site to start later this month, and be complete by March.

For the duration of the demolition works, and to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, staff and local residents, the sites will be fully enclosed by secure hoardings, and the buildings themselves fully enclosed by a scaffolding screen.

The erection of fencing around the brick buildings Clare and Bronte House has begun, and this fencing will form the protective hoarding around the perimeter of these buildings to create a secure and safe site.

In addition to the site hoardings, we will also be erecting scaffolding and protective sheeting around the buildings themselves. This will be to the full height of both structures, and serve to provide the contractors with safe access to all levels of the buildings, and prevent debris falling outside the hoarding line. It will also help contain any dust and noise from the works.

Whilst the works are being carried out, our contractors will ensure noise is kept to an absolute minimum by installing noise monitors around the perimeter of the site. These monitors continuously record the levels of noise being produced in real time, and will alert the contractor if the agreed noise levels are exceeded.

Blackshaw Annexe

The existing single-storey building that was constructed in 2014 – and that provides essential office accommodation on the hospital site for key Trust staff – is being removed to allow for the installation of a new three-storey modular building in the same foot print as the existing Blackshaw Annexe.

The new modular building will provide more office space for staff, and also free up much needed space within the main hospital for clinical activity, and the delivery of key patient services.

Works have already commenced to dismantle the dismantling, and the existing modules were removed from site last weekend. Ground works to create the new foundations started this week and will be complete in mid-March 2021.

The new modular building will be built off site and will be delivered to the hospital on the weekend of Saturday 20 March 2021. The modules will be lifted into place over the coming week, completing by 27 March 2021.