This week’s episode focuses on patients recovering from broken bones as well as broken relationships.

50-year-old Nikki and her 68-year-old mother Angela have been involved in a serious car crash. Passers by dragged both women from the car, which rolled over twice, due to fears it could explode.

Nikki was driving and her injuries include lacerations to her head and an amputated finger tip. Staff send her for a CT scan as they suspect she may have suffered internal injuries due to the impact of the crash. Angela was the passenger in the car, she has wounds to her head and a dislocated elbow.

Nikki’s son Shaun is by his mum and grandmother’s beds and talks about having to come to terms with his parents separating and his mum having a new partner.

53-year-old Ellen has come to A&E with partner Rob. She has a painfully swollen elbow after falling in a supermarket while buying milk. Ellen and Rob were at the same school, but only met again recently at a wedding. It’s brought Ellen happiness after years of addiction to cough medicine and an unhappy marriage. “I felt like I was sixteen again,” says Ellen. “You know you get that feeling in your belly, it was lovely. We should have done this years ago!”

Meanwhile seven-year-old Jack is rushed to A&E with an open fracture on his arm and a blow to his head after falling from a chair at a wedding. When doctors x-ray him they discover he’s broken both bones in his forearm. Jack’s mum Carla talks about splitting from her husband and how her son comes first for her.