Emily Roberts works as a Sister in St George’s Emergency Department (ED). Four years ago she was working the New Year’s Eve shift and her Aunty Mary and Aunty Jill wanted to make sure she didn’t miss out on the celebrations.

They decided to deliver Emily a home cooked meal – but then thought they should make enough for everyone working in the department as well.

Mary and Jill ended up making enough food to feed over 30 nurses, doctors and other ED staff! The food went down so well it started a tradition that has gone on each year over the festive period when Emily has worked a shift.

Emily said: “I think the tradition began as my aunties know I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), and wanted to add a bit of enjoyment to my shift. They asked how many nurses I worked with, and then how many doctors, and all of a sudden they were cooking for over 30 people.

“Myself and the team in ED were so grateful for Aunty Mary and Aunty Jill’s delicious food when it arrived, especially when we’re all a few hours into a night shift.”

Over the years, Emily’s aunties have cooked dishes such as chilli con carne, chicken stew, vegetable lasagne and Malyasian vegetable curry for the team.

Mary and Jill will soon be retiring to Devon, where they plan to open a stall selling homemade dog treats, but before they moved away, they wanted to feed the team one more time.

Mary and Jill told us: “We wanted to deliver one last thank you meal to Emily and the rest of the amazing, selfless staff that work alongside her.

“Earlier this year, Jill was admitted to St George’s and we saw first-hand the outstanding care you provide. We will always be in your debt for the care St George’s has shown our family.”

Thank you to Mary and Jill for their lovely gesture!