Comedian Arthur Smith brought sparkle and laughter to St George’s annual staff awards as compère for the event which was held on Thursday, 13th December.

Hosted by Christopher Smallwood, chairman, and Miles Scott, chief executive, the dinner honoured staff who have given 25 years’ service to St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as the trust’s 2012 special achievement award winners. Volunteers who have given 10 years’ service to St George’s were also recognised.

The dinner was attended by more than 100 award winners, guests and senior members of staff.


25 years’ service

  • Sally-Anne Pullum
  • Maya Venkat
  • Peter Mortimer
  • Richard Harman
  • Salim Nalla
  • Sandra Boreland
  • Susan Conlon
  • Violet Milton
  • Kevin Wedderburn
  • Linda Brett
  • Yvette Small
  • Diana West
  • Siew Nayak
  • Earl Tulloch
  • Liam Oxford
  • Helen Phillips
  • Sameena Abedeen
  • Donna Chorley
  • Ernestina Lartey
  • Alison Redfern
  • Janet Wade
  • Helen Butler
  • Tracy Del Valle
  • Murray Bain
  • Gillian Costello
  • Dianna Fairman-Campbell
  • Sarah Thacker
  • Patricia Donoghue
  • Anne Luongo
  • Robert Hero
  • Linda Thomas
  • Traci Dean
  • Sarah Foote
  • Christine Schulkes
  • Marietta Armoogum

Volunteers 10 years’ service

  • George Brett
  • Shirley Ruby

Special achievement award winners


  • Ruth Godden, clinical team leader, health visiting and school health teams, Stormont Health Centre
  • Sandra Howard, clinical nurse specialist, dermatology
  • Rowan Lewin, recruitment advisor, HR
  • Barbara Peters, senior technologist, mortuary
  • Emma Pindard, discharge nurse, Allingham Ward
  • Samantha Prigmore, nurse consultant, respiratory
  • Marian Williams, SLT administrator, St John’s Therapy Centre


  • McEntee Ward team
  • Obstetric simulation team (Emma Evans and Polly Hughes)

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