This episode focuses on the precious relationships between family and friends that pull people through difficult times.

84-year-old Neil is rushed to St George’s after falling down the stairs at home. His wife Jenny describes finding him at the bottom of the stairs and reflects on the shock of realising their life may never be the same again. Orthopaedic Registrar Rob is called to resus to assess Neil’s injuries and is concerned that he has a severe shoulder dislocation. Dr Rob highlights the difficulties of treating elderly patients because of their physical vulnerability. He tells us that the lesson he has learned is ‘when treating trauma in the elderly, expect the unexpected.’

As Neil is sent for emergency scans to determine the extent of his injuries, Jenny tells us about their early life together. She explains that Neil has always been a lover of nature – he was the Horticultural Officer for London and would woo Jenny with flowers when they were first dating. They soon got married and had children and while Jenny was busy working as a Mayor, Neil took well to being a father. He loved to share his passion for nature with them. His daughter Jane tells us of precious time in the garden with her father, a place she could really talk to him and confide in him.

As doctors become increasingly worried about Neil’s shoulder and an underlying heart condition, we hear how Neil carved out a long career for himself as one of London’s leading Tree Officers. Jane tells us ‘his job was to protect the existing trees where possible.’ She tells us how, in the 1960s, Neil fought for a preservation order to save a Mulberry tree that was under threat from being ripped up as a new housing estate was being built. Jane tells us of the pride she feels when she sees the trees he’s saved, and the legacy he has left for London.

25-year-old Danny is rushed to A&E after a road traffic collision where he has been knocked from his motorbike. Orthopaedic Registrar Sadia is concerned about a serious leg fracture and that Danny may have other hidden internal injuries. Danny’s girlfriend Angy tells us about their relationship which saw them expecting a child very quickly: they were a year and a half into their relationship when Angy fell pregnant and had never considered children. Now, they have a healthy 10-month-old baby and a happy life together which Angy fears losing: ‘Every minute he is on that bike I worry. I just think ‘how is my child going to grow up without a dad?’

23-year-old Adil comes to St George’s after twisting his knee playing badminton. His friend Sibby brings him in, and tells us of how Adil is renowned as accident-prone. Emergency Nurse Practitioner Craig sends Adil for an x-ray, and as his results come in, Adil tells the tale of being born with Dextrocardia, a rare congenital condition which means his heart is unusually located on the right side of his body.