We have another gripping episode in store for you tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm.

26-year-old Lawrence is rushed to St George’s after being hit by a car while crossing the road on a night out in Eastbourne. He was thrown fifteen feet after ‘bullseyeing’ the car’s windscreen. Lawrence was bleeding from his ears and was put into an induced coma at the scene by emergency doctors.

“’Bullseye’ is where the patient’s head has gone into the windscreen,” says consultant Neel, who’s in charge of A&E. “That is serious. You know they’ve potentially got very significant brain injuries that could kill them.”

Lawrence is taken straight to the CT scanner so that doctors can assess the severity of his injuries – particularly in his head, neck and spine – which could be life-changing. His family are rushed by police to be by his bedside.

Meanwhile 53-year-old Katrina is brought to A&E after having difficulty breathing and chest pains that could indicate a heart attack. While doctors carry out blood tests to find out what’s wrong, Katrina’s daughter Jamila talks about how this is the latest challenge for her mum, who has been receiving treatment for cancer.

And 63-year-old former lollipop lady Angela has come to A&E with her sister Sue after being attacked by one of her cats, as she shouted at a fox in the garden. The scratches have become infected. While she’s treated, Angela and Sue talk about losing their parents and siblings and the strong bond between them.