Imagine having to cut your 15-inch long locks after years of growing them? Well that’s exactly what 12 year old Alissa Demmen did on Saturday, 30 July 2016 after seeing poorly children on television with no hair following chemotherapy. Alissa managed to raise over £2000 for charity by letting go of her precious long tresses which were donated to the Little Princess Trust.


Alissa’s fundraising was also spurred on because she wanted to give something back to the wonderful staff at the Trust that had taken care of her grandmother, Maggie Demmen, when she suffered a stroke in 2014. The bulk of the funds were handed to the William Drummond ward at St George’s Hospital on Friday 16 September 2016, whilst the rest of the money was shared between the Little Princess Trust and the Stroke Association.

Speaking on the event, Alissa said: “I saw children on the TV that had no hair and felt really bad. I wanted to make them happy. I didn’t think I’d raise this much at all. I told my teachers at school and they said they were proud of me. My form tutor has also sponsored me.”


Alissa’s grandmother Maggie also added: “I am very proud of my granddaughter and also very grateful that she would do something like this to raise money to help to enable further research to improve stroke care. This is amazing for someone so young to be so thoughtful, she is very excited about donating her hair and having it made into a wig for a child that has cancer.”

Alissa added that she plans to grow her hair back and do a similar charity effort in the future.

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