We are very pleased to announce that the first episode of the third series of ‘24 Hours in A&E’ filmed here at St George’s will air TODAY (Wednesday 16 November) at 9pm on Channel 4.

With millions of viewers per episode and a growing international audience ’24 Hours in A&E still remains one of most popular TV shows in the UK.

Over 100 fixed cameras and 300 microphones recorded over 56 continuous days, how staff from across the trust work together as a team to treat the most seriously ill patients as well as those patients accessing treatment for minor injuries such as cuts and bruises.

’24 Hours in A&E’ is not just about the high drama, the sirens, the red phone ringing, resuscitation and medical procedures to make good television; it’s a very human show, about the lives of the people who come in, and the people who work here. For the patients and families who visit, it captures what could be one of the most significant – both heart-warming and tragic – days of their lives.

Please be sure to follow each episode for a glimpse into life in A&E and send the odd appreciative tweet if you like the show – using @StGeorgesTrust and #24HrsAE

Thank you to the hundreds of Trust staff who consented to be part of this year’s filming and help in the background to make the series possible.