The award-winning 24 hours in A&E returns with a series of compilations featuring some of the most memorable staff and patient stories filmed since 2011 at King’s College Hospital and St George’s in South London – places where life, love and loss unfold every day.

This episode features three patients filmed at St George’s Hospital.

52-year-old retired firefighter John is rushed to A&E by helicopter after being accidently hit in the face by a golf club. The golf club hit him so hard that it snapped. John lost consciousness and is in an induced coma.

With a suspected critical head injury, John is sent straight for a CT scan. John’s wife Allison is by his side. “John was in the fire brigade for 32 years. He would put his life on the line to save someone,” says Allison. “And then he goes off to play golf and ends up…”

As doctors assess the seriousness of John’s head injuries, they are also concerned that his right eye isn’t reacting as it should and he’s weak down the right side of his body, which could indicate further problems. They decide to wake him from his coma.

Meanwhile 30-year-old adrenaline junkie and ex-Royal Marine Richard has badly dislocated his thumb after falling off a bicycle. As the emergency team try to realign the tip of his thumb, Richard enjoys the effects of the pain-killing gas and air while reflecting on his time in the marines and the evolutionary benefits of risk.

And four year old Elliott has come in to A&E with his mum because he has a foreign object stuck up his nose.


Executive Producers: Emma Tutty, Lucie Duxbury and Spencer Kelly

Producer: Edmund Davis

Film Editor: Craig Cotterill