The award-winning 24 hours in A&E returns with a series of compilations featuring some of the most memorable staff and patient stories filmed since 2011 at King’s College Hospital and St George’s in South London – places where life, love and loss unfold every day.

This episode features three patients filmed at St George’s Hospital who are all in immediate need of different types of care.

20 year old Jacob arrives in resus with suspected internal bleeding after crashing his car into a wall at high speed. With his mother and father supporting him at his bedside, there is a question of whether alcohol was involved in the crash and mum Niki reveals her own battles with alcohol and ultimately what saved her.

Meanwhile, 75-year-old Gerry is rushed to A&E with a dangerously high heart rate of over 250 bpm. Doctors aren’t able to slow Gerry’s heart rate down with drugs and their only option is to try to return his heart to a normal rhythm with an electric shock.

They suspect the problem has been caused by an underlying chest infection that will need to be brought under control. Gerry’s wife Julie talks about meeting Gerry after first husband died from cancer, giving her a second chance for happiness.

And 33-year-old Yvette is in minors with abrasions to her eye after having false eyelashes fitted at a salon.


Executive Producers: Emma Tutty, Lucie Duxbury and Spencer Kelly

Producer: Jack Wood

Film Editor: Milo Brann