St George’s Pharmacy team is celebrating all 13 of our pre-registration pharmacists passing their assessment exams last month. They can now go on to register as fully qualified pharmacists – well done to them and our Pharmacy team!

The exams are the final stage of the one year pre-registration training – they assess drug calculation skills as well as knowledge of pharmacy laws, disease and drug profiles e.g. side effects and interactions of medications.

Nine of the 13 pharmacists will be staying at the Trust to work in our pharmacy team, and Zahra Denideni, Pharmacy Education and Training Lead, told us she was thrilled with the results.

“It’s fantastic news that all of our pre-reg pharmacists qualified, particularly as there has been a lower than usual pass rate nationally for the exams.

“I’m so proud of them, not only for all their hard work over the past year, but also because I know they will go on to be outstanding pharmacists.”

All 13 arranged a celebration to mark their success and say thank you to Zahra, who they refer to as their ‘pre-reg mother’!

Congratulations again to Zahra, our pharmacy team and all 13 of our newly qualified pharmacists, who are listed below.

  • James Yau
  • Jessica Lynch
  • Asha Patel
  • Lucy Vernon
  • Najia Ahmad
  • Vivien Chow
  • Firdhaus Nasir
  • Francesca Lewis
  • Zainab Jadawji
  • Haisha Choudry
  • Fatima Omrani
  • Natasha Whitley
  • Sherry Abdou