Our vision for children’s cancer services

We have created a fly-through film to bring our vision to life of what our brand-new state-of-the-art Children’s Cancer Centre would look like in the future, if St George’s wins the bid for children’s cancer services.

According to Young Lives vs Cancer research*, 9 in 10 young cancer patients and their families use a car to make all or at least part of their journeys, describing it as the “only viable way” to travel to and from hospital.

Parents of children with cancer are unequivocal: they don’t and won’t use public transport with a poorly, vulnerable child.

That’s why St George’s has built this into plans for the brand-new children’s cancer centre with the availability for patient families to drive up to the front door and park in dedicated car parking spaces, therefore eliminating the risk of infection to vulnerable kids from public transport. It will boast family accommodation too.

Watch to find out more:

* Young Lives vs Cancer research: Running-on-Empty-Report.pdf (younglivesvscancer.org.uk)

Fly-through transcript: 

St George’s has decades of experience delivering specialist cancer care for kids – and we want to continue that care for years to come in a brand-new children’s cancer centre. 

We’re ready to build this state-of-the-art facility, which will be used by families across South London and large parts of the South-East. 

It will have fantastic medical facilities, where poorly kids will continue to receive the outstanding and innovative care our talented staff are renowned for providing. For instance our cancer doctors are offering ground-breaking new immunotherapy cancer treatment that modifies a patient’s own cells to help fight cancer. 

We’ll have dedicated parking and accommodation, too, which we know parents of sick children want. 

Families will be able to drive right up to the front door of our new centre and park outside, therefore eliminating the risk of infection to vulnerable kids from public transport.  

St George’s is at the forefront of children’s research which significantly improves the care of children with cancer. Our brand-new centre would have space for state-of-the-art research facilities to complement our existing facilities.  

We’ve been studying cancer in children for many years with the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden, and our new centre would allow us to continue to lead the way and develop treatment for children living with cancer now and in the future. 

When a child is poorly, they need access to facilities where they can play, relax, learn. 

And they will be able to just that – with plans for educational, recreational and therapeutic spaces, as well as dining, play, relaxation and study areas for all ages. 

We want to involve children with cancer, their families and our staff in creating our new children’s cancer centre to ensure their views are central to our plans. 

Kids deserve this new hospital. And kids deserve St George’s.  

NHS England is running a public consultation on where a new Children’s Cancer Principal Treatment Centre should be located. St George’s is one of the two options available.  

We – and families – want to keep regional children’s cancer services here. And we’re all set to build the new hospital that will help us do just that.