Kidney Donor Day delights

DSCF0112St George’s threw a small celebration for Kidney Donors and recipients from the last year, giving them a chance to talk to each other about their experiences and come together to celebrate.

The Renal Team were joined by BBC London news who did a wonderful piece on the good work of the team, who had performed a record amount of 145 kidney transplants last year, which appeared on both London lunchtime and evening news.

Spencer Moss’s tattoo, right, is a permanent reminder that he was: “Proud to give the gift of life” to best friend Dave in 2013.


Kathryn Harrison took to Facebook to say: “I was a kidney donor at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in 2010 and am so glad I did it. My husband was the recipient and it has given him – and therefore me – a new lease of life. We could not fault the care and support we received both at St George’s and at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust and I would urge anyone considering it to go for it.”

Cindy Woolley also opted to add her story and opinion via social media: “I had my transplant there in 2009 and the donor was my cousin and the care that we received was incredible including the 3 months that I attended the outpatients transplant clinic. They all do an incredible job.”

Special Health Authority NHS Blood and Transport (NHSBT) Tweeted: “@StGeorgesTrust were discussing kidney donation on @BBCLondonNews yesterday,” concluding by urging its 12,700 followers to visit BBC iPlayer and: “Watch it now.” [N.B. The news bulletins for that day are no longer available to view on iPlayer.]