Pathology at St George’s Hospital is carried out in the laboratories of South West London Pathology (SWLP), which is based in Jenner Wing of St George’s University building.

Pathology¬†carries out laboratory testing. The tests examine samples of bloods, cells and tissues from patients and play an important role in diagnosing disease. Pathology¬†provides key services, not just to the Trust’s hospitals, but to GPs and other healthcare professionals.

As well as providing an explanation of results to all healthcare professionals, South West London Pathology advises them on which tests are appropriate and the best way to carry them out. In addition, some patients with specialist diseases such as high cholesterol and blood disorders are seen by clinicians who are also trained in Pathology.

Pathology test database

Visit the pathology test database

The Pathology test database provides comprehensive details of all the tests performed. You can search the database of tests by sample type, department or keyword. An alphabetical list of all our tests is also included.

SWLP Pathology Handbook

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