Work and play in episode five of ’24 Hours in A&E’

In this episode, the team at St George’s treat patients who’ve injured themselves through work or play.

60-year-old Iain is rushed in by ambulance after falling ten feet off a ladder onto his head while fixing an air-conditioning unit at work. He has a deep laceration above his right eye and can’t see through it. Doctors can’t guarantee that he won’t lose sight in his eye.

Consultant James is leading Iain’s treatment. “Bad eye injuries are surprisingly rare,” says James. “The eye is quite protected. If you get hit by something flat, your eye is spared.”

While the trauma team fights to save the sight in Iain’s eye with the help of the hospital’s opthamologists, Iain’s wife Loraine and daughter Leanne wait nervously by his side.

Loraine discusses their special bond. “He’s my soul mate as well as my husband and my best friend,” says Loraine “We’re always together. When we go to bed in the evening we always go up the stairs together.”

20-year-old student teacher Lloyd is helped into A&E by his friend Mollie after injuring his foot on an inflatable obstacle course on their last day at university. Medics fear that swelling is stopping blood circulating in Lloyd’s foot, which could be serious and may need surgery. Luckily Mollie is by Lloyd’s side supporting him as she has done through other tough times at college.

Meanwhile, 13-year-old Lucy has fallen off the trampoline in her family’s garden, getting trapped in the springs and hitting her head on the ground. When dad Tim got to her she was losing the feeling in her feet and hands. Doctors are worried that she may have a neck injury.