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Dr Angela Houston discusses ways that St George’s have been tackling tuberculosis.

News & events | 12 Feb 2016 | Tags: dr angela houston NICE tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a curable disease, but we need to work hard to beat it. London has been labelled the TB capital of western Europe where England has the highest number of cases of the disease. And of the people with TB in England, 4 in 10 live in London.

Doctors warn of TB Risk: Figures show 40 per cent rise in cases between 1999 and 2003

News & events | 24 Mar 2005 | Tags: contagious infectious disease TB tuberculosis vaccinations

WANDSWORTH could face a rise in cases of tuberculosis unless people are made more aware of the symptoms of the disease, public health experts have warned. The warning came as London health chiefs announced the return of TB screening vans to the streets of the capital for the first time …