Welcome to HMP Wandsworth

A message from Jo Darrow, General Manager and Head of Offender Healthcare at HMP Wandsworth

There is no doubt that HMPW is a challenging place to work and while a prison isn’t always the first place a healthcare professionals thinks about working at, you might be surprised at the number of staff we have who have never worked in a prison before and find they enjoy the variety and challenge.

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides healthcare services to the men at HMP Wandsworth in partnership with South London and Maudsley NHS Mental Health Foundation Trust. We provide services via a consortium type arrangement which has an integrated management and governance structure for which St George’s is the lead.

HMPW has over 1600 men living within its walls. Many have complex healthcare physical and mental health care needs and the healthcare service works closely prison officer colleagues to deliver healthcare services.

In our criminal justice system the deprivation of liberty is the punishment, we don’t continue to punish men whilst their liberty is being deprived.   Rather we must grasp this opportunity to provide rehabilitation opportunities and good health is an important component of rehabilitation.   The men at HMP Wandsworth are often a social excluded population group and they do not always access healthcare services as they should in the community. As well as having an impact on individual lives through providing quality healthcare service , we can also have a significant impact on the public health of the community through health promotion initiatives such as hepatitis B vaccinations, TB screening x-rays, management of long term conditions, blood borne virus testing etc.

Currently HMPW is a category B prison with a small number of category C prisoners and on average between 500 and 550 prisoners arrive and depart each month. However at the end of 2017 we will become even busier. HMPW is to become a reception (remand) prison. The prison will retain its small number of sentenced category C prisoners, but the bulk of the population will be on remand

As a consortium we are ambitious. Over time we want to build on the basics of provision of high quality care, and develop into a national centre of excellence for offender healthcare in the UK

Don’t put it off, contact us now – working at HMPW might just be the job for you!

Jo Darrow
General Manager and Head of Offender Healthcare
Her Majesty’s Prison Wandsworth

A few words from Ian Bickers, Executive Governor of HMP Wandsworth

Providing healthcare in one of the biggest prisons in the UK does not come without its challenges. Working in partnership with St Georges NHS Trust we work at the front line with adult men, many of whom have complex needs.

Our ambition is to provide as much equivalency as we can to our men in both the areas of physical and mental health. We work very closely with the healthcare consortium and both respect and value their contribution to the many lives they touch in HMP Wandsworth.

This is vital work and some of the most reward I and many of my colleagues have done in our careers to date – you will be an invaluable member of a team that will continue to grow and develop your own skills – I look forward to meeting you soon!

Ian Bickers
Executive Governor
Wandsworth Reform Prison