Our Staff in Numbers

St George’s is one of the biggest employers in south west London, with over 8,000 staff working across a variety of specialist professions, all with the common goal of providing world-class services to improve the health of our patients.

None of our achievements this year would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our staff. We are committed to providing a working environment where every member of staff feels valued and supported so that they are able to perform to the best of their ability.

How many people work for St George’s?

Staff who work St George's
Staff GroupTotal NumberPermanently Employed Number
Additional Professional Scientific and Technical631590.2
Additional Clinical Services809750.9
Administrative and Clerical15581451.4
Allied Health Professionals680611.6
Estates and Ancillary224217.7
Healthcare Scientists282263.5
Medical and Dental 12001140.2
Nursing and Midwifery Registered30152816.7

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Staff by gender

Staff by Gender
Staff GroupMaleFemalePercentage (male)Percentage (female)
Additional Professional, Scientific and Technical23140036.6%63.4%
Additional Clinical Services18962023.4%76.6%
Administrative and Clerical357120122.9%77.1%
Allied Health Professionals10650415.6%84.4%
Estates and Ancillary1943086.6%13.4%
Healthcare Scientists10118135.8%64.2%
Medical and Dental59760349.8%50.3%
Nursing and Midwifery Registered342267311.3%88.7%
Grand Total2117628225.2%74.8%

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Staff by ethnicity

St George's staff by ethnicity
Ethnic GroupFull time Equivalent (FTE)Number of People
Asian/Asian British1354.11418
Black/Black British1318.41417
Mixed Race269.8289
Not Stated206.3219
White/White British4317.24660
Grand Total7842.28399

St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Staff by age

St George's staff by age
Age BandFull time Equivalent (FTE) Number of People
20 and under13.114
61 and over284.7340
Grand Total83997842.2

Date correct as of March 2013