Head of patient safety

Yvonne Connolly“Modern healthcare is increasingly complex and occasionally things can go wrong even with the best practices and procedures in place. At St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we are committed to having good systems that enable us to learn from things that do go wrong and prevent them happening again.

“Over the last year we have implemented a number of projects that focus on patient safety and are helping us to improve our systems

“We have launched a safety dashboard to support priority projects across the trust giving staff access to a range of resources via the intranet. Other projects that we have run that have raised standards across the trust have focussed on prevention of patient deterioration, medication safety, patient identification and falls and pressure ulcer prevention.

“During Patient Safety Week in November 2011 we carried out a number of high profile events including an afternoon conference which focussed on human factors and patient experience. It also allowed for the launch of some new patient safety initiatives.

“During the year we have also developed videos that tell patient stories about their experiences whilst under our care. These videos are a key component of our awareness raising campaign for 2012/13.”

You can read more about our patient safety initiatives in the gazette