Nursing Roles

Nursing in the community offers a variety of roles and environments from school nursing to end of life care. If you are interested in a clinical career progression we can offer opportunities to develop into specialist nursing, practice educator, clinical caseload managers and Advanced Nurse practitioner roles. If you are interested in a management pathway we can offer support to move into clinical team leadership, Sister, Matron, Lead Nurse and beyond.

Whether you are a newly qualified or an experienced nurse – this is a chance to develop your skills as part of a highly capable team where you’re guaranteed opportunities to learn how to best care for patients requiring a variety of nursing interventions.

We offer preceptorship, mentorship, rotations and professional development to ensure you get the very best from your time with us, with a variety of career progression opportunities – from Clinical Team Leader, Clinical Caseload Manager, Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist roles. Where do you see yourself?