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The physiotherapy outpatients department is one of the largest physiotherapy providers in South London offering extensive treatment facilities for the local population via GP referral and major trauma patients across the south-east of England.

The service treats a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions  (problems with muscles and joints along with all the soft tissues involved in movement i.e nerves, ligaments, cartilage). The service is provided for adults and patient under the age of 16 will be seen by the paediatric physiotherapy department.

Outpatient Physiotherapy is a key service at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for those with physical impairment as a result of disease or injury. Patients may have short or long-term conditions. Physiotherapists help patients to regain their full physical abilities, or make best use of impaired function.

Physiotherapists have a holistic approach, which means dealing with a patient’s emotional and mental well being as well their physical fitness. A physiotherapist’s role involves using skills to assess a patient’s condition, then applying special techniques to treat them and/or advising them how to self manage their condition/symptoms using home programmes and health education/information.

As part of your treatment your physiotherapist may feel you would benefit from seeing another health professional, such as a podiatrist for a foot biomechanical assessment. The physiotherapist will refer you directly to another NHS service although some referrals will need to be made through your GP.  This integrated approach ensures that you receive the very best care.