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The Cancer Genetics team at the Southwest Thames Regional Genetics Service serves a population of approximately three million people. The aim of the service is to identify people at increased risk of developing cancer because of any underlying genetic factors, so that we can offer screening and other treatments to reduce the risk of cancer, or to pick up cancers early at a treatable stage.

Who we see

We see people who already have a cancer diagnosis to try to identify if the cancer may have been due to an underlying genetic cause. Identifying a genetic cause for a cancer may give an explanation for a cancer diagnosis and guide cancer treatment.

It also allows us to advise people with cancer, and their relatives, on their future cancer risk. We also see people who are concerned about their cancer risk because of their family history.

Genetic Counsellors

Genetic Counsellors are available to help individuals to understand information about their genetic condition and the options open to them so that they can make the decisions that are best for them. Genetic counsellors have either a background in nursing or have undergone specific advanced training in genetic counselling. All have experience working with families who have a genetic condition. The department is a recognised training centre for genetic counsellors. Further information on training to become a genetic counsellor may be found at www.agnc.org.uk.

Referral information

If you are a healthcare professional, and would like to refer a patient, click here.

Clinic appointments

We hold regular clinics at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, London, as well as monthly clinics in the following hospitals:

  • Royal Surrey County Hospital
  • Jarvis Breast Screening Centre
  • Epsom Hospital
  • Crawley Hospital
  • Worthing Hospital
  • Frimley Park Hospital
  • St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey
  • St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester
  • Kingston Hospital
  • Haywards Heath Hospital

We also run the following specialised clinics:

    • Endocrine genetics cancer clinic – in association with endocrinologists at St George’s Hospital


    • Von Hippel Lindau screening clinic – in association with endocrinologists and ophthalmologists at St George’s Hospital


    • Cancer genetics carrier clinics – for individuals who carry a high risk gene mutation at St George’s Hospital and Royal Surrey County Hospital (BRCA carrier clinic)


  • Paediatric cancer clinic – at the Royal Marsden Hospital