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A prosthetic service has been available at Queen Mary’s Hospital since the First World War. It has developed into an internationally recognised service offering highly specialised services for amputees.

What we offer:

The service offers artificial limb assessment, prescription, manufacture, fitting and training for patients with upper and/or lower limb amputations, or limb deficiency. This is delivered by a multidisciplinary team and led by a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine. The service works with clients to assess their needs, rehabilitate them into the community and help them achieve function, mobility and independence. This is available as either an inpatient or an outpatient.

Outpatients services are provided in the Vitali Unit which provides clinics and resources needed to enable the rehabilitation of patients so that they can be achieve their optimal level of function, mobility and health status.

The centre also offers services for the management of patients with complex rehabilitation needs, including neurological rehabilitation, prosthetics.



Mr Nicholas Hillsdon – MBE 2012.