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Please read the leaflet below which explains who has the right to free hospital treatment under the National Health Service.

From Monday 14 August we are asking patients with non-urgent appointments who are attending their first appointments for the following clinics to bring two forms of identification (one to prove identity, and one to prove residential address): Neurology and Neurosurgery

These new processes will enable us to properly assess whether patients are eligible for free NHS treatment, in line with Department of Health regulations.

No patient visiting St George’s will have urgent care delayed.

Details of documents that can be used for this are in the leaflet below.

Since 30 January 2017, all women attending Maternity Services as non-emergency patients for their first appointment have been asked to provide two forms of identification.

We are also asking women who are new patients for Maternity Services to complete an advance Pregnancy Referral Form, which can be found below. This can be completed online and submitted or printed off and brought to the appointment. This applies to your first appointment for each pregnancy only. If you have previously attended St George’s in this pregnancy you do not need to complete this form.

We will not turn any women away or delay their maternity treatment if they cannot do so, nor if they are not eligible for free care.

Our Overseas Patients team will work with patients to assess their eligibility and to support them and discuss payment arrangements if they are not eligible for free NHS treatment.

More details can be found in the leaflet below.

Patient Information Leaflet – Information for overseas visitors – hospital treatment and paying for care

Pregnancy Pre-Registration and Self-Referral Form 

Pregnancy Pre-Registration and Self-Referral (online form)

AIS needs form

Contact details

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact our Overseas Patients office:

020 8725 4693
020 8725 3439