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Table of ongoing audits for the period 2018-2019. To add your audit/QIP to the table email elizabethgalizia@nhs.net

Audits and QIPs for 2018-2019
Audit TitleLead ConsultantInvestigatorDate StartedDate of CompletionTimescale for re-auditContact details for lead Consultant
Discharge summaries on Kent ward (re-audit)Elizabeth GaliziaIberedem Ewang20181 yearelizabethgalizia@nhs.net
Inter-hospital transfers - when is transfer inappropriate?Elizabeth GaliziaManon Lee2018elizabethgalizia@nhs.net
Audit: Appropriate use of lumbar puncture in the diagnosis of suspected encephalitis or subarachnoid haemmorhage in AMUPablo Garcia ReitboeckFaizan Aslam2018pgarciareitboeck@nhs.net
Determining the impact of hyperacute neurology team on ED neurology attendeesKuven MoodleyBenjamin Ramashoye2018kuven.moodley@nhs.net
'Please write to me'Fred Schon and Damian Wren2018