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The Neuroscience Day Unit provides a range of neurological, neurosurgical and medical day case procedures, complex investigations, infusions and assessments.

Many patients referred to the unit will have a number of investigations or treatments performed on the same day, reducing the number of visits they need to make to hospital.

The unit is made up of a four bedded bay and three comfortable seating areas.  Beds are allocated to patients undergoing more complex investigations or treatments.

Based in the Atkinson Morley Wing at St George’s Hospital, The unit has a number of consulting and therapy rooms and its own gym.  Patients benefit from direct access to a wide range of specialist consultants, nurses and therapists and state-of-the-art modern medical facilities and equipment.

Patients attend the Neuroscience Day Unit for routine appointments and for day surgery. Patients are referred to the unit by their consultant or by their GP.

Patients are allowed to bring one person with them when they come to the Neuroscience Day Unit, though it is not recommended that you bring children with you.  Please call the unit on 020 8725 4533 or 020 8725 4484 if you would like to talk to somebody about bringing a family member, carer or friend with you.

Patients coming to the Neuroscience Day Unit will be on the unit for most of the day so should dress comfortably. We also recommend bringing a book, magazine, computer tablet or something similar for entertainment whilst waiting.