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The Headache Service at St Georges Hospital hold a community based migraine management group clinic in several locations within Wandsworth. The service is run by the Headache Practitioner from the St Georges Hospital Headache service and is for people who have a diagnosis of migraine.

What happens in the Migraine Management Group?

Patients are invited to a group session lasting about 2 hours where they get the time to ask questions, learn about migraine and its treatment before putting a plan into place to help improve their migraine.

During the group session the following topics are discussed.

• What is migraine?
• How to explain what migraine is to others
• What are the different types of migraine and who gets them?
• Migraine triggers
• Migraine treatments and when to take them
• Medication Overuse Headache
• Over the counter medicine for migraine
• Healthy lifestyle approach to migraine
• Talking therapies for migraine
• Complementary therapies for migraine
• Headache diaries
• Migraine and hormones
• How to make decisions about which treatment is right for you

Patients are encouraged to bring someone with them if this is helpful to them.

What happens after the group session?

If patients feel they still need some help after coming to the group, they are invited to call into the headache service to arrange a one to one appointment with the headache practitioner within two months.
Patient feedback about the service

98% of patients strongly agreed or agreed that the service would help them manage their migraines more effectively. Patients spoke of being able to make a plan to manage their migraines and finding it helpful sharing experiences with other people with migraine.


The service accepts referrals from GPs or hospital teams. Referrals are made through the e-Referrals Service.

Any questions about the service, please call 0208 725 4322 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).