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 Community Migraine Advice Clinic – Information for Referrers

The Headache Service at St Georges Hospital hold a community based migraine education clinic based at St John’s Therapy Centre, SW11 1SW run by the Headache Practitioner. The clinic is for patients who have already been given a positive diagnosis of migraine. The service is only for patients with episodic migraine ( less than 15 days of headache per month).

Through education about migraine and effective treatment in a group environment we aim to reduce the patient’s migraine related disability and improve their ability to manage their migraine independently, reducing reliance on medical services for management of migraine over the longer term.

The 3 hour group education session covers:

  • What is migraine, types of migraine, who gets it
  • How is a diagnosis made
  • Migraine triggers
  • Migraine treatments and the timing of when to take them
  • Medication Overuse Headache
  • Over The Counter medicine for headache
  • Healthy lifestyle approach to headache
  • CBT for headache
  • Complementary therapies for headache
  • Headache diaries

An optional individual follow up appointment can be arranged by the patient within four weeks if needed to look at an individual treatment plan.

Please attach a copy of the patient’s medical history to the referral.