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We are excited to plan the next 2 big events in the New Beginnings calendar

Wed 10th October – women’s event

Interviewees are invited to review the themed films that are being created from their generous interviews and to discuss what they see as the main elements of birth in theatre that they would like to see change in. The session will be facilitated by the project leads, Emma Evans and Julia Crawshaw, as well as staff from The Poiont of Care Foundation, Bev Fitzsimons and Catherine Dale. We look forward to seeing what they come up with and using this to shape the Staff-Women event in November


Wed 21st November

We will be bringing staff and women together for a co-design event. Together they will view the women’s themed films and form ideas on what matters the most to all involved to make positive change to having a baby in theatre. Leaders at St George’s will also attend and contribute to help making change ideas a reality to families and staff. Watch this space and our Twitter feed @NbBeginnings for updates