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We hope that you will find this Information Hub useful. We have put together information from both the hospital and other sources.  Your midwife and doctors will usually give you those items which are most relevant to your pregnancy and birth.  There are links below to leaflets and organisations where you may access further information.

Please note that due to the current Covid-19 outbreak, there are currently restrictions in place in the hospital regarding visiting and contact with patients. This means that some of the information regarding visiting and admission to hospital in the leaflets below may not be up to date.  Please speak to your midwife with any questions regarding visiting arrangements, appointments and admissions to the hospital.

Covid-19 Information

We know that many women will have questions about how the current Covid-19 outbreak will affect their pregnancy and birth. The links below are from trusted organisations who are researching evidence from across the world and bringing this together:

Guidance from Royal Colleges of Midwifery and Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Covid-19 Questions and Answers

Royal College of Midwives advice: Advice for pregnant women

Royal College of Midwives: Useful downloadable and printable resources

Support for anxiety about Covid-19: NHS – Every Mind Matters

Looking After Yourself in Pregnancy: CV19 Looking After Yourself

Planning Your Birth:  CV19 Planning Your Birth

Parent information about Covid-19: Parent Information Leaflet 

Support offered by NHS Volunteers (National Programme)

We have been advised that ALL pregnant women can now can access extra support via the NHS Volunteer Responder scheme.

The NHS Volunteer Responders scheme is now open to all pregnant people, not just those who are shielding or vulnerable.  You can access the scheme direct without needing a referral from a health professional.  More information HERE

If you need help collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies or just want a telephone ‘check in and chat’ to help prevent loneliness, please call 0808 196 3646 (8am to 8pm).

General information during pregnancy

This section contains leaflets and links that you may find useful during your pregnancy. This includes information about your appointments and how to keep healthy and active.

Information produced by St George’s

An antenatal class by our Women’s Health Physiotherapists (You Tube): Antenatal Physio Advice Class

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

Feeling your baby’s movements: Reduced Fetal Movements Leaflet – Tommy’s Charity

The flu jab in pregnancy: Flu vaccine in pregnancy

Immunisations in pregnancy:Vaccinations in pregnancy (PHE)

Keeping Active in Pregnancy: Physical Activity for Pregnant Women (PHE)

Useful links:

Screening tests and fetal medicine

During your pregnancy you will be offered a number of screening tests for your baby.  This section includes information on the screening tests that we offer, including blood tests and ultrasound scans.

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

Blood Groups and Red Cell Antibodies: Blood groups and red cell antibodies in pregnancy (NHSBT)

Public Health England: Screening tests for you and your baby information  leaflet 

Screening tests for fathers:   Father’s screening tests

Useful links:

Preparing for birth

During your pregnancy you will start to think about your birth.  This section includes information about different types of birth.

Leaflets / information produced by St George’s:

Information about Breech presentation and birth: SGH Breech Leaflet

Information about Caesarean birth: Caesarean Birth Leaflet 

Films about Caesarean birth at St George’s:

Your caesarean birth (video)

St George’s Caesarean Birth Experience

Information about Induction of Labour: Induction of Labour Leaflet

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section: Birth after previous Caesarean Section (RCOG)

Useful links:

After your baby is born

Once your baby is born, you may have lots of questions about caring for him or her, as well as changes to your own body. This section includes information about keeping both you and your baby well after birth.

Leaflets / information produced by St George’s:

Community breastfeeding support in your area Community-Breastfeeding-Support-in-your-area-Covid-19-March-20

Pelvic Floor Exercises Pelvic floor exercise poster

Injections to prevent clot clot poster SK

Fever in children under 5 Fever in Under 5s

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

Caring for your Baby at night (UNICEF) Caring-for-your-baby-at-night_online-singles

Safer Sleep for Babies (Lullaby Trust)  Safer-sleep-for-babies-a-guide-for-parents

Building a Happy Baby (UNICEF) happybaby_leaflet_web

Information about TB and the BCG vaccine for your baby (PHE) TB, BCG and your baby (PHE)

Immunisations for babies born after 1 January 2020: Immunisations for babies born after 1 January 2020 (PHE)

Illness in Newborn Babies: Illness in newborn babies leaflet (with contact details)

Cervical Screening (PHE) Cervical_screening_helping_you_decide

Useful links:

Feeding your baby

Many people have questions about feeding their baby, however they choose to do this. This section includes information about how to see if your baby is feeding well and where you can find support with breastfeeding.

Leaflets / information produced by St George’s:

General Breastfeeding Advice Breast-Feeding-Info (General)

When breastfeeding is going well Breastfeeding is going well when

Community Breastfeeding Support Community-Breastfeeding-Support-in-your-area-Covid-19-March-20

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

UNICEF – Caring for your Baby at night Caring-for-your-baby-at-night

Useful links:


Telephone support:

  • National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 100 021 (Open 9.30am – 9.30pm)

Support for families whose baby has died

Very sadly, some babies die before they are born or shortly afterwards. We have a specialist Bereavement Team who care for families where this has happened.  This section provides information about where further support can be found.

Leaflets / information produced by St George’s:

Counselling Services Counselling information page, Jan 2020 JC check

Leaflets / information produced by other organisations:

Child Bereavement UK Leaflet Child Bereavement UK

Useful links: