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After you have had your baby, you may be transferred to Gwillim Ward, a dedicated postnatal ward.

Gwillim is located on the 4th Floor, Lanesborough Wing. It has 32 beds arranged as six four- bedded bays, six single rooms and two en-suite rooms (including Amenity Rooms).

The phone number for the ward is 020 8725 2012 / 020 8725 2013

Who can visit the ward and when?

There is open visiting for your birth partner, including overnight.

Visiting time for family and friends is 3pm to 8pm. During this time you can have two visitors (your partner counts as one).

Can my children visit me in Gwillim Ward?

Yes.  Your own children are welcome to visit during the day but if they get very tired or tearful, your partner or support person should take them away from the ward.  No other children are permitted on the postnatal ward.

Can my birth partner stay overnight on Gwillim?

Yes, your birth partner may stay overnight with you on the ward.  They must follow these rules whilst on the ward:

  • the privacy, dignity and respect of all women on the ward is maintained at all times
  • only one person, aged over 18, stays overnight with you
  • your partner remains fully clothed at all times, including footwear
  • noise is kept to a minimum overnight – please remember other mothers are trying to sleep
  • leaving and entering the ward is kept to minimum
  • mobile phones are put on silent between 10pm and 8am
  • your partner only uses the designated visitor toilet
  • your partners rests on the chair at the side of the bed and NOT on the bed
  • staff have easy access to the bed area so they can easily care for you and your baby
  • the bed space is kept clean and tidy.

How long will I have to stay in hospital?

Your midwife and/or doctor will talk to you about how long you may be in hospital for.  This can depend on what type of birth you have and how well you and your baby are.

For more information about recovering after a caesarean section, please click here.

How can I keep my baby safe while I am on the ward?

Please do not walk along the ward corridors with your baby in your arms – use their wheeled cot instead.

If you are holding your baby and start to feel tired or sleepy, please place them into their cot.

During visiting times, there is a security guard at the entrance to Gwillim Ward to ensure that only those people visiting new mothers have access to the ward.

When are mealtimes?

Mealtimes on the ward are flexible to suit you and your baby. You can order a hot meal 24 hours a day.  As a general guide, breakfast is at 7.30am, lunch is at 12pm and supper is at 5pm.  A range of food is available to meet any special dietary requirements, please speak to your midwife or the ward hostess.

Can I book an amenity room?

A number of amenity rooms are available which you may choose to use, for a fee.  You will have the same NHS care and service as all the women on the ward.

The current charges for the amenity rooms are:

  • Single room with en-suite: £150.00 per night (up to two available)
  • Single room with shared bathroom: £100.00 per night (up to six available)

These charges may change – please confirm current prices when completing the booking form.  You will need to pay for your room on the day you are discharged.  We accept payment in cash or by credit or debit card.

How soon after I am fit for discharge can I go home with my baby?

Once you and baby are confirmed as being fit for discharge we aim to discharge you within four hours.  You will be asked to attend a discharge meeting in the parents’ room where you will be given lots of information.

We will let the community midwives know and give you a discharge pack with information on caring for yourself and your baby – this information is also available here.