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When will I be seen after I go home?

Once you are discharged from hospital, you will be referred to your local community midwifery team for follow up.  The midwifery team you see depends on where you live and the midwives may not always be from St George’s.

What if nobody turns up?

Please contact the community midwifery team using the telephone numbers given to you at the hospital.  If you do not have these, please contact the Maternity Helpline on:

0208 725 2777

(select option 3 for Gwillim ward out of hours)

If you have an urgent question, please call Gwillim Ward to speak to a midwife.

How often will I be seen?

The number of postnatal contacts you have depends on how well you and your baby are after discharge.  Most women are seen two to three times.

Where will I be seen?

Your first postnatal visit will be at home.  The midwife will then advise you where to go for your future appointments.  These may take place at home or in one of our community clinics.  If you are being seen by midwives from another hospital, they will advise on your pattern of care.