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The eRedbook has replaced the paper version of the red book which was previously given to parents when their baby is born. Please register at www.eredbook.org as early as possible in your pregnancy.

It provides a secure and convenient way to store your child’s health record as well as access to useful information tailored to the age of the child, and reminders when health reviews, immunisations or screening tests are coming up.

What does eRedbook offer parents?

eRedbook helps parents find out more about their baby’s development through NHS.uk guidance articles tailored to their baby’s age, allows parents to record and track their baby’s weight and create a safe, long term record of their baby’s health and development.

It also provides information on what tests, checks, and immunisations are offered as part of the Healthy Child Programme. Parents can see:

  • New birth notifications
  • Results for newborn infant physical examination
  • Results for newborn hearing test
  • Results for newborn blood spot screening (NBBS)
  • Breastfeeding status at birth
  • Family relationships at birth
  • Neonatal BCG
  • Hepatitis B at birth
  • Vaccination record

Benefits for Parents

The eRedbook is a personally held health record. As such many of the benefits of eRedbook lie with the parent. Discussion with parents using eRedbook has demonstrated the following benefits which are described below:

  • All the NHS trusted information you need to improve your child’s general health
  • Get enhanced support from NHS trusted sources
  • Safe, secure & mobile access to the health information about the child you are caring for, no matter where you are
  • Create and keep a digital Baby Book recording your child’s health and development
  • Share the record digitally with partner, grandparents, childminders or other carers meaning the record is available where and when it is needed

Mums love the eRedbook because it…

  • Can’t be lost or damaged
  • Is with them wherever they go
  • Allows mums to share records with other carers
  • Provides guidance relative to them and their local area
  • Is a safe, advertising free, repository for photos and records about their child

How do I download the eRedbook app?

Parents can access eRedbook by downloading the eRedbook app from the play or app store or by visiting the eRedbook website: www.eredbook.org.uk and creating an account using NHS Login or by signing up with their email.

Do I have to pay for it?

No – eRedbook is paid for by the NHS and is free for parents to use, the same as paper Redbooks.

Is the eRedbook app secure?

Yes – eRedbook data is held securely in the EU in line with strict NHS security rules. NHS login follows the UK government’s data storage standards  to keep your information secure.