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The ENT service aims to improve the quality of life for individuals with ear, nose and throat disorders, and provide timely and accurate advice and information. The team works closely in partnership with other healthcare professionals, local social service sensory impairment teams, education services and voluntary organisations. The service offers a full range of non-emergency ENT and head and neck services, including support for minor ENT emergencies.

The ENT Department at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust comprises 14 consultants, seven specialist registrars and other doctors in training. It is the ‘hub’ of a network which includes Kingston, St Helier and Mayday hospitals. This means that patients from these hospitals come to St George’s for complex surgery. The ENT Department also provides their emergency cover.

ENT surgery offers services to treat disorders and defects of the ears, nose (including sinuses), throat, head and neck. Services are provided for adults and children on an inpatient or day patient basis.