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Referrals can be accepted from GPs and need to be booked by the e-Referral Service. Your hospital clinician may also choose to refer you.

Appointments are extremely valuable. If you cannot attend your appointment, please phone us so that we can offer you a new appointment and, the cancelled appointment offered to someone else.

New appointments – 020 8725 0007
Follow Up appointments – 020 8266 6363 / Audiologist.Appointments@stgeorges.nhs.uk

General enquiries:
General audiovestibular consultant-related :  020 8725 2493
General audiology: 020 8725 1151 / stgh-tr.audiology@nhs.net
Implantable Devices: 020 8725 1152 / stgh-tr.auditoryimplantservice@nhs.net

Consultants (audiovestibular medicine):
Department of Audiology Audiovestibular Medicine
Lanesborough Wing
St. George’s Hospital,
Blackshaw Road
London, SW17 OQT

Department of Audiology and Audiovestibular Medicine
Trevelyan House Surgery
St George’s Hospital Suite, First Floor
160 Tooting High Street
London, SW17 0RT