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Wandsworth Children’s Continuing Care aims to provide high quality clinical care and support for children with complex care needs and their families by providing a continuing health care package for the child within the family structure. The service is offered to children where they meet the continuing care criteria, following assessment of needs.

The Continuing Care Package will include:

    • A clinical lead to organise, co-ordinate and implement the care package. The provision of appropriately trained staff to assist your family in caring for your child during agreed periods i.e. day/night
    • Healthcare provision reviewed on regular basis to either increase or decrease hours based on your child’s condition

The Wandsworth Children’s continuing Care Team will:

  • Liaise with parents in a timely manner regarding any aspects including rota’s and reviews of the current care package and level of support required
  • Co-ordinate the health care of the child for the time they are there
  • Provide direct nursing care as required
  • Provide support in meeting the child’s social and emotional development
  • Liaise with other healthcare professionals, and others involved in the child’s care and education
  • Clean and check medical equipment supplied and maintain a safe working environment
  • Plan rotas to provide care as agreed for the child and troubleshoot in the event of unforeseen circumstances
  • To act as an advocate for the child in situations where parents/carers are not present
  • Recruit, train and support new members of the team
  • Complete all documentation relevant to the child’s health needs
  • Attend all trust mandatory training and any other necessary training
  • Ensure all policies and clinical guidelines are in place and are based on best clinical evidence and reviewed regularly