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The Wandsworth Childhood Immunisation Service is available to all children 0-19 years via schools programmes and community clinics. The team is based at St John’s Therapy Centre and is predominately nurse led. The team is occasionally supported by a consultant paediatrician who sees referred children needing close observation following immunisation due to any previous adverse reactions.

What we offer:

The service offers day, evening and Saturday clinic appointments for universal neonatal BCG and clinics for selective BCG for children aged 1-15, Human Papilloma virus (HPV), School Leavers’ Booster to 14 – 15 year olds, Selective Hepatitis B and any other missed childhood immunisations.

HPV schools programme is offered to all 12 – 13 year old girls in both independent and state schools. School Leavers Booster programme is offered only in state schools to 14 – 15 year old students. There are school catch-up sessions for both programmes throughout the academic year to maximise uptake. Community clinics offer another opportunity for those not seen in school.

The service compliments GP provision by offering evening and Saturday walk-in clinics to accommodate flexible opening times to working parents.

The specialist nurses offer up-to-date immunisation advice to both the general public and health professionals through a Mon – Friday helpline. As part of the Public Health agenda the service is committed to supporting, planning and implementing any new immunisation campaign as advised by the Department of Health (DH). The service in addition submits monthly performance figures to the organisation and DH.

Apart from the core responsibilities, the service is committed to offering practical training sessions throughout the year as required for new staff and quarterly theoretical immunisation updates to all health care professionals within Community Services Wandsworth (CSW).

Since the successful formation of the Wandsworth Immunisation Team in 2008 the team has worked hard and achieved an increase in percentage vaccine uptakes. It responded effectively to the 2008 introduction of HPV vaccination in schools and, more recently the universal neonatal BCG programme (February 2012).