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The Child Health Records Department forms part of the Children and families service directorate. The department is responsible for registration, recording and dissemination of an extensive range of child health information to internal and external Health Care professionals.

What we offer:

  • Emergency point of contact for Birth Units and private midwives requiring an NHS number for newborns.
  • Point of contact for Birth Units wishing to report a new birth.
  • Supporting delivery of the National Screening programme.
  • Provide data for Public Health statutory returns
  • Respond to GP and parent requests for immunisation information.
  • Respond to request from Social Services and A&E departments for children in need.
  • Maintain an archive for children no longer believed to be living in Wandsworth.
  • Secure transfer of records to other child health services.
  • Enable health professionals to access up-to-date information on children.
  • Provide a main point of contact for issues relating to child health data.