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Dealing with melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and rare skin cancers.

St George’s is one of the leading skin cancer services in the country and has an international reputation for its management of melanoma, a dangerous skin cancer which can kill. We serve a local population but receive referrals from as far as the south coast.

Patients are seen in a two week rule clinic held twice a week where a diagnosis/plan is made on their future care. Where possible, surgery /biopsy is offered on the same day to help with diagnosis. From there, patients can either be reassured or referred onto the appropriate service which is run by plastic surgery and dermatology.

The service is at the forefront of cutting edge technology operating a teledermatology service with some GPs. This means that the GP can send an image of a patient’s suspicious lesion to the hospital, where it will be viewed by an experienced clinician in skin cancer. This can save patients an unnecessary visit to the hospital and expedite any necessary treatment.