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St George’s Hospital Audiology  (Updated on 23/02/2022):

Our email addresses:

Appointment related queries: audiologist.appointments@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Non-appointment related queries for Audiology: audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Our telephone numbers:

For Appointments: 020 8725 1122

For queries other than Appointments: 020 8725 1151 (voicemail only)

In light of Covid-19 pandemic and the new variants of Covid-19, there is a permanent alteration in the way we provide the service to our users. There are new types of virtual (video and telephone consultation) appointments available in addition to usual face-to-face appointments.  We are gradually catching up with our waiting lists. Many thanks for your patience during this time.

We continue to work hard to ensure that all patients are seen in a timely way although we do expect significant delays over the coming months. The reasons for this are:

  • Appointment slots have been extended and staggered to ensure:
    • less crowding in the waiting areas
    • extra time for facility, furniture and equipment to be cleaned between every patient
    • staff have sufficient time to put on and take off their personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • We are therefore seeing a reduced number of patients face-to-face per day now than we were able to see pre-pandemic

If you are waiting for an appointment to be booked:

We thank you for your patience. If you do want to check if you are on the correct waiting list, you are welcome to contact our department on 020 8725 1151 (voicemail only) or via email at audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk .  Please note we have had a high number of queries coming in, therefore there may be a delay in replying back to you.

Virtual audiology and audiovestibular appointments:

Although we have started offering more face-to-face appointments, we carry out as many remote consultations (via telephone or video) as possible to minimise the need for you to attend appointments in person. You will be notified whether your appointment will be face to face or virtual. For virtual appointments, please do not attend the hospital in person as we will be unable to see you. If you are unsure whether your appointment is virtual or face to face, or if you have received a notification via text message which you would like to clarify, contact us at 020 8725 1151 (voicemail only) or via email at audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk.

Face-to-face audiology and audiovestibular appointments:

If you arrive for a pre-arranged face to face appointment, we understand that you may have concerns about attending your appointment in the hospital. We have taken number of measures as below to keep you and our staff safe.

If you need to attend the appointment:

  • We will maintain safe distancing wherever possible. For certain procedures, this may not be possible. So we will adopt other measures to mitigate the risk (e.g. wearing mask, apron and gloves).
  • We will be wearing face masks and as per the trust mandate request all visitors (to any site St Georges site)over the age of 2 years to wear a mask unless medically exempt.  Please bring along your own mask if possible. Alternatively, we can wear a clear face shield for people who rely on lip-reading, please do not hesitate to request this.
  • We request that you arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive after your appointment time, we may not be able to see you and we may need to re-arrange your appointment.
  • We encourage you to come on your own to the appointment. If you need a carer or if the patient is a child, we will be able to accommodate one person accompanying the patient/child. We can arrange a telephone or video call with your significant other (such as the other parent) if required.
  • We have reduced the number of patients we see in the clinic as well as the number of seats in the waiting area to ensure social distancing.
  • We carry out extra cleaning of clinic rooms between appointments.

Hearing Tests:

We are currently seeing patients in strict chronological order. If you feel that your hearing has suddenly deteriorated (over a period of 3 days or less), please attend A&E as this is considered a medical emergency.

Hearing aid batteries:

If you require batteries, please request by email on audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk or by phone on 0208 725 1151 (voicemail only).

Hearing aid repairs:

Please note we cannot see patients who attend without an appointment.  We currently offer the following options for hearing aid repairs:

Postal service:  Please post your hearing aid(s) to the address below and we will post your repaired aids back to you.*

Audiology clinic, First Floor, Trevelyan House, 160 Tooting High St, Tooting, London SW17 0RT

Hearing Aid Drop-off service:  (For use by patients with hearing aids obtained from Audiology Team at St George’s Hospital only)

You can drop your faulty hearing aid(s) at Audiology clinic, Trevelyan House Surgery and a note with:

  • your name
  • contact number
  • hospital number or date of birth
  • Short description of the problem
  • date of drop-off

We will call you to collect your hearing aid(s) once we have repaired them, or they will be posted back to your home address.

If you have any enquiries, please call 020 8725 1151 (voicemail only) or email on audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk.

If you need to book an appointment, please call 020 8725 1122.

Drop and wait service You can make an appointment to drop your hearing aid(s) off* and wait in the waiting area whilst it is being repaired (virtual repair).  Please email audiology.appointments@stgeorges.nhs.uk or call us on 020 8725 1122 to make an appointment.

Face to Facein exceptional circumstances, we can arrange to see you face to face but this will only be arranged if absolutely necessary.

*Please attach your name, date of birth, your contact number and details of the problem for all hearing aids dropped off/sent in for repair.

Paediatric Hearing Aid Repairs

We are able to offer hearing aid repair services, including for new moulds, within normal timeframes (48 hours).

Your child’s hearing aid can be repaired using one of the following two options:

  1. Drop off Repair: Dropping off the hearing aid in person at Trevelyan House and asking for a PAEDIATRIC repair envelope. You can add a message to say whether you would like us to call you to collect the hearing aid once it’s repaired, or whether you wouldd prefer for us to post it to your home address (via recorded delivery). If more than 48 hours have passed since leaving the hearing aid with us and you have not yet been contacted by us, please call 0208 725 1122 or email audiologist.enquiries@stgeorges.nhs.uk so that we can look into this.
  2. Face to face appointnment: Contact the appointments booking line and asking for a 45 minute paediatric hearing aid appointment. The contact details are either calling 020 8725 1122 or emailing audiologist.appointments@stgeorges.nhs.uk

Paediatric Earmoulds

If new earmoulds are required, please contact us by either calling 020 8725 1122 or emailing audiologist.appointments@stgeorges.nhs.uk and ask for a 45 minute paediatric hearing aid appointment.