Visiting restrictions and how to keep in touch with patients

Visiting our hospitals

There are changes to our visiting policy, effective from March 2022.

Our priority is to provide quality care for our patients and we understand that we can optimise care by involving and recognising the invaluable role and contribution that family and carers provide.

We want to keep all our patients, staff and visitors safe. Due to the continued transmission of Covid-19, linked to the Omicron variant, we have updated our visiting arrangements.

  • Where possible visiting is now in place between 9am and 8pm daily for all our inpatient wards, for two persons at a time.
  • It is not necessary to pre book an appointment to visit, but where possible visitors must undertake a lateral flow test prior to the visit and be able to show, when asked, that they tested negative. Where possible, a new lateral flow test should be taken, with a negative result, for each day of visiting.
  • At the start of each visit all visitors will complete a Covid risk assessment with a member of staff in the clinical area in order to confirm they DO NOT have symptoms of Covid-19.
  • From October 2022 the requirement to wear a mask in all clinic, ward and outpatient areas has been reinstated. Visitors will be instructed to wear a mask on entry to a ward or clinic.

Number of visitors

Patients are allowed two visitors at a time, anytime between 9am and 8pm. This applies on weekdays and weekends.  The number of visitors allowed in a bay will be dependent on the size of the space and patient group, it is ultimately up to the Nurse-In-Charge to decide what is safe for our patients, staff and visitors and they should feel confident to ask visitors to leave if necessary.

All visitors must: 

  • Comply with the visitor’s charter
  • Wash their hands thoroughly for 20 seconds on entering the ward. Visitors should do the same on leaving the ward, and follow all other guidance given by our staff.

You must not visit the hospital if you are:

  • Unwell; especially if you have a high temperature or a new, persistent cough
  • No children under 12 should be visiting without the ward sister or charge nurse’s prior permission.

 Special visiting requirements for certain wards, departments and patient groups

A number of our wards and departments have specific rules in place to keep visitors safe. Please contact the Nurse-in-Charge of the following areas for further clarification:

‘Green/ Super Green’ areas; where patients have isolated and been confirmed as Covid negative prior to admission and/or are exceptionally vulnerable, Adult and Paediatric Critical Care, Neonatal and Special Care Baby Unit, Paediatric Inpatients, Maternity and Foetal Scanning, Emergency Department, Renal Haematology and Oncology wards, Outpatient and Day Care departments.

Special dispensation may also be given to the relatives or carers of the following patient groups at the discretion of the Nurse-In-Charge: Patients in their last hours or days of life, those with dementia and/or delirium or other disabilities and those with learning disabilities.