Kollis Taylor, Communications Technology (ICT) Implementation Manager

What does your role normally involve?

I was born at St George’s, and I’ve been working here for 12 years. I started as an outpatient receptionist, and gradually worked my way up into ICT delivery where I help improve staff and patients’ experience of using digital technology.

My role involves implementing changes in IT systems to streamline and simplify our processes. I have to engage with staff members at all levels and backgrounds, identify gaps in processes, highlight any risks, and make sure we have mitigation strategies. As both a patient and a staff member, I’m able to see things from both perspectives, and make improvements with the support of the wider team.

How has it changed as a result of Covid-19?

My role has intensified since Covid-19 as the demand for technical solutions has increased immensely. At the moment I’m project managing the setting up of virtual outpatient clinics, which means our clinicians can conduct an appointment remotely, while still making sure that patients’ records are updated and they are followed up accordingly.

I’ve also been managing the Referral Assessment Service which gives our services and clinicians more control over the number of appointments GPs are scheduling through eRS (Electronic Referral Service).

Lastly, I’ve been working on Attend Anywhere which allows our clinicians to view patients via video call using a safe, confidential and Trust-approved platform. I’ve enjoyed the responsibility of managing IT projects of my own.

What is the most interesting thing about your change in role?

I was unaware of what I could achieve until now. When faced with life-changing circumstances, and everyone involved is experiencing the same thing, it’s been interesting and amazing how we are able to pull together and achieve great things.

What has most impressed you about the response of staff/colleagues?

The need for virtual solutions to deliver patient care has become essential, and we’ve managed to turn projects round within weeks due to the amazing repsonse and support of colleagues. This is impressive!

What is the hardest thing about the current circumstances?

Losing friends, family and colleagues during this time has been the hardest thing for me personally. Staying positive can sometimes be hard, but I continue to get up and start work each day (either from the office or from home) to ensure we keep fighting forward. The great response from the users of our projects has made it all worthwhile.