Khalid Khan, Rehabilitation Engineer

What does your role normally involve?

I have been working in the field of rehabilitation for 18 years. I currently work as a Rehabilitation Engineer for the wheelchair service based at Queen Mary’s. I work in the community, schools and clinics at Queen Mary’s, and normally provide engineering solutions to clinical problems for wheelchair users.

My expertise is in medical devices including wheelchairs, special seating, prosthetic and orthotics If a standard medical device (such as a wheelchair) does not fulfil the clinical needs of the user, I will look at ways to implement a development or modification that meets their needs. For example, a headrest, backrests for posture support, or a bespoke controller set up for powered wheelchair users.

How has it changed as a result of Covid-19?

I have been providing support to the medical physics/equipment department at St George’s.

I am part of the team who are responsible for taking delivery of equipment; building, setting up and commissioning equipment; and putting and fitting equipment into wards that are being converted to care for patients with Covid-19.

We are receiving large deliveries and these often happen at the weekend, so I now come in to work on Sundays to ensure that the equipment is set up and ready to be used for Monday.

What is the most interesting thing about your change in role?

We’re so fortunate to have so many experts in their fields. It has been interesting for me to meet many staff in various roles, and learn a little more about what they do.I also found the training on acute hospital ICU equipment interesting.

What has most impressed you about the response of staff/colleagues?

So many things have been impressive, but the communication and support between staff who have never worked together before is remarkable! It shows how we all come together as one team – team St George’s.

What is the hardest thing about the current circumstances?

Getting my ‘comfortable’ footwear to colour co-ordinate with the scrubs! But seriously, not being able to shake hands or hug new friends that I have made at work.