Face coverings: guidance for patients and visitors

While national ‘Plan B’ Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted, patients and visitors will still be required to wear a face mask or covering at all times in our hospitals. Wearing a face mask will help to limit the spread of Covid-19, and protect our patients.

We would also politely ask that all patients and visitors observe social distancing wherever possible, and regularly wash/gel their hands in our hospitals.

Please note: visiting restrictions are in place at our hospitals. Find out more on our website here. 

For the face covering to be effective, please be aware that:

  • It should cover your nose and mouth while allowing you to breath comfortably
  • You should wash your hands or use hand sanitiser before putting it on and taking it off
  • When wearing the face covering, you should avoid touching your face at all times
  • You should also follow other infection control safety measures when visiting our hospitals, including social distancing and regular hand washing.

For safety reasons, the following groups do not need to wear a face covering when visiting our hospitals:

  • Young children under the age of 2
  • Anyone with breathing or developmental difficulties
  • An unconscious person
  • Anyone who experiences genuine discomfort or distress while wearing a face mask
  • Pregnant women who have gone into labour
  • Anyone unable to remove their mask without assistance.

Robert Bleasdale, Chief Nursing Office and Director of Infection, Prevention and Control, at St George’s said:

“We would like to thank patients and visitors in advance for wearing a face covering or mask when using our services. This is an additional measure we have put in place to help everyone stay safe. The most important thing people can do is to observe social distancing, and wash their hands regularly – however, the wearing of a face covering or mask will reduce the risk of infection even further.”