The Process

The team brief process

As of December 2014 a new bi-monthly system of briefing all staff at the trust is being introduced.

Every other month the chief executive will brief senior managers on key strategic and operational issues at Divisional Management Boards and Directorate meetings. Those senior managers will then include these updates when they brief their teams , adding a one time local brief relevant to their specific clinical division or directorate. The whole system, which combines the core brief, the local brief and the feedback loop is called team brief.

Rather than creating a new meeting structure to disseminate the team brief, it will operate within the trust’s governance framework. Where possible all managers must make use of their exiting meetings with staff to give the team brief. If a meeting with staff is not in place, one will need to be created.

Once the team brief has been presented at DMB those mangers are now in position to brief their own managers face-to-face. A written version of the team brief will be sent to each manager as the cascade continues until all members of staff in each division have received the team brief. Each manager must record the feedback from thier team brief meeting.

All line managers at the trust areĀ  responsible for meeting with their staff bi-monthly to provide the team brief.

If you have any questions or require any advice or additional information about the team brief process please email