Clinical Resources

This section of the website contains a range of resources for GPs and clinicians, including policies, guidelines and access to pathology services.

Infection control

The prevention and control of hospital acquired infections at St George’s is a top priority. Our aim is to make our premises as clean and safe for patients as possible. Alongside the cleanliness of our sites, we continue to focus on our programme of comprehensive training for staff, stringent hand hygiene and careful use of antibiotics. Click here to read our infection control policies and guidelines.

Pathology services

South West London Pathology

Pathology services at St George are provided by South West London Pathology which is an NHS partnership between St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Croydon Healthcare Services to deliver a single, integrated, high quality, NHS led pathology service to hospitals and GPs across South West London.  For more information about South West London Pathology visit the website

The Pathology care group is comprised of five specialities that carry out laboratory testing. Pathology’s five departments provide key services, not just to the Trust’s hospitals, but to GPs and other healthcare professionals. The pathology services pages provide more information and full access to our database of tests. Click here for more information.

Medical technology

St George’s medical technology is the commercial arm of the medical physics and clinical engineering department of St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, delivering technical and scientific expertise in the support, management and development of medical equipment and its applications. Click here for more information.

Tracheostomy guidelines

St George’s is a national leader in tracheostomy guidance and the following pages, provided specifically for healthcare professionals performing tracheostomy or caring for tracheostomised patients, outline the most current guidance provided by the trust. Click here for more information.

Wandsworth multiple sclerosis resource

The Wandsworth multiple sclerosis (MS) resource contains information about services relevant to MS that are available within the borough of Wandsworth. The purpose of this resource is to inform and direct GPs and other healthcare professionals to make appropriate and timely referrals and thus improve communication between teams. It is hoped that the this resource will also be useful to people with MS and their families and carers. Click here for more information.

Bone Boost

The Bone Boost programme has been designed to provide a care pathway for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia and to ultimately reduce the incidence of fragility fracture in Wandsworth. Click here for more.