A Guide for Researchers (Handbook)

The aim of this handbook is to provide an overview of the processes and procedures governing research in the UK today. The main sections include Sponsorship, St George’s handbook.pngHealthcare NHS Trust approvals through to an overview of the key regulations and guidance.

The number of approvals, committees and indeed abbreviations, can seem daunting, especially for a new investigator. There are a large number of abbreviations used in the regulatory research environment, so the abbreviations section will provide invaluable information.

This handbook hopes to clarify what approvals are needed and when, depending on the type of research you are intending to carry out. It does not go into full details of every area but is a good starting point to guide you, the researcher, and provides contact details for further information on any topic that may interest you.

We would welcome your feedback and comments on this handbook.

We hope you find this useful

The handbook is currently under review due to the HRA changes. Please contact your Research Governance Officer for more information on the process

A Guide for Researchers v1 December 2014

Handbook Contacts Insert v8, February 2016

Student Supplement v2 Sept 2015

HRA Approval v1 May 2016