Council of Governors 2020


Nasir Akhtar

I have been a resident of Merton for the last 18 years and my family and I have benefited from the vital services offered by St George’s. I am passionate about the NHS service as I believe it plays a vital role in shaping the social fabric of our society. I have strong experience in industry, working with board members in companies to develop strategy and have also been a volunteer for over 20 years supporting local community members.


Anneke de Boer, Merton

I have been a Merton resident for 16 years and my family has often used the services at both St George’s and Queen Mary’s. With two teenage children and ill and aging family, we have experienced the best and worst of public and private care in the UK, US and Netherlands. I want to bring my breadth of experience to improve standards of care for all local residents.


Hilary Harland, Merton

Merton has been my home, and St George’s my local hospital, for a long time. Three generations of my family have benefited from its services. I have spent anxious time waiting in children’s wards, in intensive care with a critically ill parent, and been a patient myself, so I know the value of not only expert, but kind and compassionate care. My background is as an NHS dental practitioner co-running a practice which grew to have the largest NHS contract in Surrey.


Nasir Javed Khan

Having lived locally for over 42 years I have a strong connection with St George’s, both as a patient and volunteer involved in many health awareness programmes such as St George’s Heart Failure awareness programme. I have experience of working in a number of UK organisations including Head of Human Resources and Compliance of an international charity, Ambassador for Peace, member Merton interfaith group, Merton Voluntary Service Council and Governor of Richard Lodge High School Merton.


Rest of England

Mia Bayles, Rest of England

Prior to being a Governor I had had a wide range of relevant experience.  I am a former Surrey Councillor; Director of SE England Tourist Board and SE England Museums’ Council. I was a Conference Organiser, mainly with the aim of promoting Women into Public Life, including Public Speaking, handling the Press, and the Single Currency. I achieved a BA Hons. in History and Politics as a mature student at Kingston University.


Sandhya Drew

I was born in St George’s Hospital when it was in Hyde Park. I was ‘re-born’ in St George’s Hospital in Tooting in January 2016 when my life was saved through 11 hours of risky and complicated brain stem surgery. Thanks to the skill and care of staff, I have emerged unscathed and healthier than before my operation. I have raised funds for St George’s through running and swimming and I also participated for two years in the patient group Voice. I am a barrister and academic at City Law School specialising in employment and public law.


Damien Quinn, Rest of England

Having been a patient I have first-hand experience of the excellent skill and dedication of the staff, however I would like to focus very much so on the patient experience.  I have current and relevant experience of business and have a master’s degree in business administration so I understand the corporate and financial responsibilities of the Trust.  .


Stephen Sambrook, Rest of England
I have experience of being both an in-patient and outpatient at St Georges and have been a volunteer at the Trust since 2009. As a former Civil Servant, I know that management by manual is ineffective and often flawed. I would advocate a return to common sense in decision making which would speed up processes.



Dr Afzal Ashraf

I am proud of Wandsworth’s health facilities including the outstanding hospitals and other services provided by the Trust – which were superb on the rare occasions when my family have needed them. However, this complex and dispersed organisation needs high governance standards, particularly to improve value for money and engagement with patients and Trust members.


Nick de Bellaigue, Wandsworth

I am passionate about the work St George’s does. This is from my long association as a patient and a relative of patients. The staff care deeply and whenever my family have received care this has always impressed me. However sometimes the quality of care falls below the standard expected but rarely is this down to a single individual.


John Hallmark, Wandsworth
A local resident for 25 years, I have experience of St George’s as both an inpatient and A&E attendee. My professional background is in communications and marketing having worked in the Civil Service for many years and at the RSPCA’s Head Office. I now have my own company specialising in press, public relations and Parliamentary Affairs. I was previously a Wandsworth Councillor for 16 years.


Basheer Khan

I was born in one of the Trust’s hospitals. I have cared for and ben treated by the Trust’s doctors and nurses and the Trust has cared for my loved ones during their final moments. I understand how integral the Trust is to the lives of local residents. I have worked on health policy for almost a decade, with a track record of delivering real improvements in the health and wellbeing of people.


Doulla Manolas, Wandsworth

I have been a long term outpatient at St George’s and Queen Mary’s Hospitals and find the service wonderful. However, they require more investment in resources to maintain and improve their service levels and to meet patient expectations. I am a member of Wandsworth GPs Patient Participation Group.


Ataul Qadir Tahir

I have been a resident of Wandsworth for over 40 years and have held various positions of authority in the local community. Following a heart attack I received great medical care from St George’s and would like to help other people by contributing my ideas and knowledge to improve their experience. I regularly work with UK and international charities including fundraising for the British Legion’s Poppy Appeal and Humanity First amongst others.


South West Lambeth

Richard Mycroft, South West Lambeth

A resident for 35 years with St George’s as my local hospital, both my children were born there and various family members have been treated as in patients. St George’s does an amazing job and needs support of us all. I have worked as a HR Director for over 20 years in large public sector organisations facing big financial, business and political pressures.


Staff Governors

Jenni Doman, Non-Clinical

Assistant Director for Estates & Facilities, local resident and user of Trust’s services. I have worked for the Trust for 10 years and have developed staff engagement and education as part of Trust wide schemes and also developed and mentored students from the local community.


Dr Anup Sharma, Medical and Dental

a Consultant General Surgeon at the Trust for 20 years. Lead of the Breast and Endocrine Unit. In 2005, elected to the Court of Examiners for the RCS England and became club doctor for AFC Wimbledon (unpaid), both continuing to date.


Bassey Williams, Allied Health Professional and other Clinical and Technical

Worked in the health service for over 30 years, previously as a Biomedical Scientist and now as a Transfusion Practitioner. This involves working Trust-wide with staff from all relevant disciplines to promote safe, appropriate and economic use of blood components, ensuring that patients requiring, or refusing, transfusion receive the highest standard of safe and effective care.


Marlene Johnson, Nursing & Midwifery

I have been a nurse at St George’s for over three years and I am currently Acting Head of Nursing for Renal, Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care Services. I am extremely proud of all the areas I manage and the achievements of all my staff. I am totally committed to the Trust and the nursing staff I represent. Putting our patients first to receive outstanding care every time is the standard I encourage in all my teams.


Appointed Governors

Alfredo Benedicto, Healthwatch Merton

Member of the Operational Committee of Healthwatch Merton. Alfredo had a long corporate career in Consumer and Financial services in several locations in Europe and America. Upon his retirement he has devoted his time and energy to the voluntary sector. On top of his role in Healthwatch Merton, he is part of the steering group of Adults First, a programme of Merton Mencap, and of the PEG of the Merton CCG. A Merton resident for the past 24 years and a carer of daughter with learning disabilities.


Donald Roy, Healthwatch Wandsworth
Board member of Healthwatch Wandsworth and previously Chair.




Dr Val Collington, Kingston University

Dr Valentina Collington is the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education. She has held a range of education management and leadership roles over the past twelve years and is highly experienced in planning, implementing and evaluating midwifery education, as well as other health and social care education programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Cllr Rebecca Lanning, Merton Council
Cllr Rebecca Lanning is the labour councillor for Cricket Green ward in Merton.




Dr Frances Gibson, St George’s, University of London

Dr Frances Gibson became Course Director for the St George’s Biomedical Science BSc in 2012, a Reader in Biomedical Sciences in 2013, and the Head of the Centre for Biomedical Education in 2014.


Dr Sangeeta Patel, Wandsworth & Merton Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Patel is a GP and senior partner at the Balham Park Surgery in Wandsworth and represents the Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group.



Cllr Sarah McDermott, Wandsworth Council

Cllr Sarah McDermott is the conservative councillor for Nightingale ward in Wandsworth and is the Wandsworth Council Education and Children Children’s Services spokesperson.