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Contact numbers

Useful Contact Numbers
Lead for Acute Oncology Service, Consultant Oncologist, AOCUDr Mehran AfsharSecretary ext. 3829
Consultant Oncologist, AOS and AOCUDr Tim BenepalSecretary ext. 2970
Consultant Oncologist, AOSDr Anna-Mary YoungSecretary ext. 2970
Consultant Oncologist, AOCUDr Fiona McCarthySecretary ext. 2955
Consultant Oncologist, AOCUDr Stefania RedanaSecretary ext. 2955
Consultant Oncologist, AOCUDr Mazhar AjazSecretary ext. 2955
Lead Nurse for AOSTBC
AOCU Advanced Nurse PractitionerDalisay DomingoBleep 8235
AOS and CUP CNSLouise BreezeBleep 8226
AOCU CNSJessica Emilianouext. 2498
MSCC Co-ordinatorPamela FloydBleep 6027

Labs: Bloodbank 5471/5477 Virology x5692 Cytology x5267 Histology 5264 b6614,  LAB rec 5468 Haem x5464/night x 5355, Transfusion 5471 Biochem x5468/5862/5859/5871/blp 6032/night blp 6453, Microbiology x5695, x1970, 6480 SpR bleep Cell Markers x5482 (NB they need cells within 4 hours of taking)

Investigations: St James’ x-ray x0384/1485/1486, Portable CXR b6284 ED x-ray x1296 , Report XR 3033, DSA 3298/3448 USS x1473, 1776, Lanesborough CT x5125, St James CT x4290 Nuclear Medx1705 Endoscopy x1491 St James’ X-ray Fax x3021 Echo x3961/3630 (fax 4402) MRI rec x2933 MRI reporting x2484 MRI radiology 2476 IR x 3298

Referrals: Med Reg (wards and crash calls) 6613 Surgical SpR 7655 Micro SpR x1970/5676/b6480 lab 5695 Venous Access 3153, 4119, b6090/ 7119 Bed manager b6007 Resp SpR O/C 6614 CIU SpR b7568 Derm ref SpR b6378 Endo/DM SpR O/C b7778 Gen ITU SpR b7980 Gastro SpR O/C b7464 NeuroSurg SpR b7242 Cardio SpR O/C b6002 Haem SpR b6068 Anaesthetic SpR O/C blp 6111 Dietician blp 6383 Pall care ext3311 Blp 6796/6508 Endo SpR 7778 Neuro 7277 Renal SpR 6415 RheumSpR 7787 OrthoSpR 7439 MaxFax blp 7304 Urology blp 8000 RMH Chelsea #6239 RMH Sutton #6196 ClinOncRx Sutton ex1201 ClinOncRx Rx Fulham ex1893